Insolvency and restructuring

Insolvency and restructuring

Conflicts, as well as monetary, financial, health, energy and climate crises, are weakening a market exposed to technological challenges and increased globalization.

Faced with the unpredictability and disruptions that ensue, such as delays in the supply chain, sudden drops in demand or changes in operating conditions, players need to be proactive, retain a degree of financial flexibility and, where necessary, take a global approach to solving their problems.

In addition to advising on corporate (re)financing, we advise and assist both companies in financial difficulty and their creditors or potential third-party investors, not only on judicial reorganization and bankruptcy, but also on the recovery of sums, the protection or acquisition of assets, and the use of crisis trustees, both in the context of negotiations and legal proceedings.

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Benefit from aid

As lawyers and consultants, some of our activities may be subsidised by public aid. These subsidies cover, among other things, legal advice on setting up and developing a business, and sometimes also the sale of a business. Under no circumstances may they be used for legal proceedings.