Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are part of the strategies commonly used by companies to develop their growth, extend their market reach, increase their competitiveness or gain access to new technologies or markets.

We assist our clients throughout the process of transferring or acquiring a business, whether in the form of a sale of shares or assets.

Given the importance and complexity of a mergers and acquisitions process, and its impact on the parties involved, our services go beyond simply drafting and negotiating the legal documentation. We frequently assist our clients with issues ranging from pre-transaction structuring and financing to organising the closing and post-transaction integration, as well as due diligence and data room management.

We also provide efficient assistance to our clients in complex post-acquisition disputes.

Our commitment and pragmatism, combined with our know-how and experience, enable our clients to make informed decisions about their vital transactions.

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Benefit from aid

As lawyers and consultants, some of our activities may be subsidised by public aid. These subsidies cover, among other things, legal advice on setting up and developing a business, and sometimes also the sale of a business. Under no circumstances may they be used for legal proceedings.