Fundraising refers to the process of seeking financing for a specific objective, involving the solicitation of financial contributions of various kinds and from various sources (such as incubators and accelerators, public entities, investment funds, business angels, crowdfunding platforms, financial institutions, etc.).

Beyond has made legal support for fundraising one of its core activities. We help our clients – entrepreneurs and investors of all shapes and sizes – with their fundraising activities, from the pre-seed phase to series financing.

Over the years, Beyond has built up solid legal expertise in this practice, making us one of Belgium’s most reputable firms for fundraising in the technology and digital sectors. Our corporate law team is the trusted partner of many startups and scaleups, as well as international funds renowned for their investments in Belgian startups and scaleups. As such, we have drafted a number of comprehensive documents, implementing both traditional and innovative fundraising solutions and mechanisms.

Beyond is more than just a legal advisor, we are also true project managers for your fundraising, as we strive to conduct the entire fundraising process in a fast, proactive and pragmatic solution-focused manner. This allows the company to save time and energy, without running up unnecessary costs, while remaining focused on its business, in the best interests of its current and future stakeholders.

Your financial success, our legal expertise in fundraising. Together, we can help your business grow. Contact us


Benefit from aid

As lawyers and consultants, some of our activities may be subsidised by public aid. These subsidies cover, among other things, legal advice on setting up and developing a business, and sometimes also the sale of a business. Under no circumstances may they be used for legal proceedings.