Pedro Demolder


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Pedro Demolder specialises in Intellectual Property, ICT Law and Commercial Law.


He started his legal studies at Ghent University (2013-2018), where he developed an interest in Intellectual Property. He continued to pursue this interest at the Université de Liège (2018-2019), where he graduated magna cum laude from the bilingual (French/English) master in Intellectual Property and Competition Law. He also enrolled in the certified programme at the BSCTL on Law, Cognitive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence where he broadened his view on the most recent developments on the crossroads between technology and law.


Pedro joined Beyond’s team in the summer of 2019, attracted by the key role of the law firm in the launch of start-ups and its close relationship to innovation.


Pedro has an analytical mind and is eager to learn about new technologies and the implications they have on law and vice versa. He will use his comprehensive academic knowledge and his passion for technological innovations to analyse any challenge the client is facing.


Thanks to his extensive travel experience, studies and Spanish roots, Pedro has strong language skills (Dutch, Spanish, English and French).